"BBC's Hidden Shame" 4/5/95
The first mention on the Internet of the "BBC Newsreaders Conspiracy".
"A doubting Thomas is heard" 9/5/95
The stock reaction of the unbeliever (until they find out it really is true).
"Recognition by Strangers is Normal" 12/5/95
Claire Speed describes how being recognised by total strangers is just run-of-the-mill.
"Recognition by Strangers is Normal" 12/5/95
Claire Speed describes how being recognised by total strangers is just run-of-the-mill.
"Truth or Troll?" 13/5/95
Could it all be a troll by psychology students? Why would anyone want to persecute you?
"Let it go" 1/8/95
Why not let it go, and try to forget about it? Because, unfortunately, they won't let me.
"But why?" 2/8/95
Why would the British establishment expend significant resources on such small fry?
"Surveillance methods" 5/8/95
The type of surveillance technology that might be employed.
"Stand up for Free Speech" 14/8/95
The Censoring Tendency loses a battle.
"Troubling Censorship Issues" 20/8/95
There is no harassment on Usenet. It's all in the readers' minds. (What makes them think they're being persecuted?)
"Options" 21/9/95
How would you react if your television sprouted eyes and ears?
"Question and Answer" 27/9/95
Who, what, where, and how? Why would they?
"Watch Out, Forger About" 27/9/95
A forged post to reduce my credibility! Who could have done that?
"Grievous Bodily Harm" 2/10/95
Fascinating, and quite believable, even. If they have this power, then they will surely use it.
"Do they fear truth?" 3/10/95
They must fear the truth: they've been covering up and lying for six years.
"A new Kafka?" 3/10/95
Publish and be damned (but I'm damned already).
"Dihydrocodeine" 26/11/95
You'd have to be taking something pretty lethal to act like this.
"Flight or fight" 7/1/96
What would you do if an MI5 agent started abusing you aboard a British Airways jet?
"Jeff Rooker MP" 5/3/96
Jeff Rooker won't help, and now he's forgotten he ever spoke to me.
"Email Cruelty" 11/3/96
Accomplishing what the Luftwaffe couldn't do to the Mile End Road.
"Shoot to Kill" 4/4/96
So why didn't they just shoot you dead? It would have been a lot cheaper.
"Leant On" 7/4/96
The Police probably realise that if they looked into this, they would be leant on hard.
"Stasi" 21/4/96
They infiltrate organisations, people's jobs and lives. They operate almost like a cancer.
"Fitted up" 26/4/96
They "fitted me up" in such a way that what they did would resemble the symptoms of schizophrenia.
"Bernard Levin" 1/6/96
The Times columnist fears a "madman running loose about London".
"alt.fan.mike-corley" 6/6/96
A newsgroup for pugilistic underdogs.
"Old_500" 5/7/96
Big Ears talks to himself about a "man who knows".
"Silly-billy" 6/7/96
Baseless allegations. Escalated to extreme. Flame!
"BBC+ITN=MI5" 23/7/96
MI5 buy into the media.
"Latest technology" 31/7/96
What private detectives use to spy on people.
Just too crazy 30/9/96
So crazy it must be true.
Usual targets of such abuse 10/10/96
Usually this type of 'hidden abuse' is racial.
"Excellent web page" 19/10/96
"Definite waste of talent" says the crowd.
WTGROMT 18/11/96
"Well that's got rid of me then" (perhaps, perhaps not!)
No Justice 20/11/96
No Justice for those with mental illness.
David Hepworth (1) 26/2/97
The "Absolute Obscene" Mr Hepworth on GLR radio.
Striking out action 10/3/97
"Scandalous, Frivolous or Vexatious".
I am being ignored 17/4/97
They won't react when they know they're being recorded.
Continuing Silence 9/5/97
Admittedly I am recording every moment, but still.
Victor Lewis-Smith 9/5/97
Is he writing about me? His webmaster says he isn't.
David Hepworth (2) 16/5/97
It's an "Absolute Embarrassment" of prizes this evening.