Orlando Police Department 2006

On 17 August 2006 I emailed OPD wishing to report the attempted homicide of 17/Nov/2001 when MI5 agents conspired to kill me in Orlando. They replied the following day requesting I make a police report by phone, which I did on 22 August. You can see OPD's report of the conversation on pages 2-4 of the following multipage TIFF.

The men did not knock on the door, they were shouting from the park. Otherwise the report is accurate from my conversation with OPD. I sent them a detailed notarised report a couple of days later. You can see the cover page of the report on page 1 of the multipage TIFF; the report contained nine pages including a detailed letter, the Ginsberg transcript of the recording of the attempted homicide and the MI5 death threat immediately preceding the attempt. The letter stated that the Seven Men had been instructed by British Security Service to kill me, and that they could be private agents or more probably US law enforcement; that the case would be dealt with by OPD's Assault and Battery unit, and treated as an assault. The letter further stated that the conspiracy to kill had been preceded by rape threats made by MI5 against me, following which I had bought two handguns for self defence, and an internet death threat which I sent with the report. The Seven Men tried to entice me into the park so they could shoot me. After a period of time, they gave up shouting abuse and left the park.

On 26 September 2006 I emailed Sgt Brennan to find out what had happened to the notarised report I had sent, which they had not replied to. Also on 14 October 2006 I wrote to a lawyer Mr Geismar who had been referred by the Orange County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service instructing him to bring the complaint before the State Prosecutor's office. Geismar found that the State Prosecutor required that the case be forwarded by OPD. He therefore wrote to Orlando Police on 21 October 2006 requesting they investigate. He subsequently spoke to the OPD investigator who could not recommend prosecution based on the age of the case and the lack of concrete evidence to show the identities of the Seven Men hired linking them to MI5.

Sgt Brennan assigned the case to Detective Montford who made no attempt to investigate it and sought to close it without doing any work. I told Brennan I would refer the matter to Internal Affairs if he continued to refuse to investigate, and I followed up with an actual complaint to them on 18 November. Sgt. Joseph J. Windt of Internal Affairs told me his group only investigated internal policy violations and my complaint against Brennan did not disclose any such. I further emailed Brennan on 22 December 2006 requesting information about his investigation since Windt had said they would re-open the case in the event of further evidence coming to light. He replied on 29 December as follows.

Please forgive my lack of response to your previous request. I certainly did not mean to appear discourteous. I had assumed your attorney, with whom my detective had been communicating, had relayed our findings in the investigation. Detective Montford explained to your attorney that the incident that occurred in our city, at best, is an assault. There is likely insufficient probable cause to prove that case. In the event that sufficient probable cause did exist, Florida State Statute 775.15 (2)(d) requires that prosecution in all second degree misdemeanor cases must be commenced within 1 year of the date of offense.

Of the offenses you have enumerated in your communications, the assault allegation is the only one that falls under the jurisdiction of the Orlando Police Department. Since the time limitation for prosecution of that offense has lapsed, the case is inactive and will no longer be investigated.

SGT Roger Brennan
Orlando Police Department
Assault and Battery Unit
Office (407) 246-2927
Fax (407) 246-2994

Thus Orlando Police closed the case. When I enquired about records later they only found three pages representing the initial phone report.