Orange County Sheriff's Office 2006

As readers will be aware, MI5 sent an agent to masturbate outside the window of my apartment on 1/September/2000. Six years later I was encouraged by the website HollaBackNYC, which deals with sex crimes, to report the criminal activities of MI5's agent to the proper authorities, which in this case meant to Orange County Sheriff's Office which deals with Winter Park, Florida where the crime had occurred. I wrote to them on 22 August 2006 enclosing a CD containing a video of the incident (as shown on the webpage referenced above) and a closeup picture of the MI5 man's face, as follows.

Attn: SEC 11
Orange County Sheriff's Office
10244 E.Colonial Drive
Orlando FL 32802

Dear Sirs

I spoke on the phone with your office today. As stated, I wish to report a crime which occurred on 1/September/2000 around 3.30pm outside my apartment at 1915 Summer Wind Drive, Winter Park, FL 32792. As shown on file britspy.avi on the enclosed CD, a man publicly masturbated outside my apartment window. His face is quite clearly visible on the video recording and an image has been extracted as file britspy.jpg. A childrens' play area is a few yards to the left of the picture, and the man can be seen running furtively away after performing the act. I have not previously reported the crime, but having read the HollaBackNYC webpage which deals with sexual offences I now wish to do so. Currently I live at the UK address given above.

This is not a random incident but part of an orchestrated campaign of abuse by the British Security Service MI5 which has been stalking me since 1990 and continued harassing me while I was living in Winter Park in 2000. Their actions are currently the subject of a lawsuit in the UK brought by lawyers Bates Wells Braithwaite. There was a series of incidents where MI5 agents masturbated publicly until their man was caught on video at which point the events stopped. In early June 2000 an MI5 agent phoned me at home in London UK and feigned an orgasm on the phone. Soon after two men emerging from a nearby house feigned masturbatory noises. On 27/July/2000 a girl took off an item of underwear in exactly the same location as the man a month later, intended by MI5 as an act of sexual abuse. Finally their agent was caught on camera as shown.

This is a serious incident because it wasn't a random pervert outside the window but a paid agent of British Intelligence who have been persecuting me for partly sexual reasons for 16 years. It is known on other occasions that MI5 use American law enforcement to commit their activities while in the US and the man visually appears to be an American so worryingly they may have paid an American agent to masturbate on their behalf.

Please identify a detective who can deal with this material. There may be an issue with the limitation period having expired on this crime but that period may be tolled because it is a continuing pattern of conduct. I look forward to hearing from you. The best way of reaching me is by email on the above address.

A month later I followed the letter up with a phone call to Sgt Richard Mankewich who deals Sex Crimes in Orange County. His emailed reply dated Tue, 26 Sep 2006 was as follows;

Sorry for the delay, we are extremely busy. I believe I viewed that CD
last month along with other Detectives. I don't recall actually seeing
anyone in the video masturbating. I recall seeing someone's back and
then he runs off. In order to prove this crime we need someone to swear
to seeing the man's penis.

Sergeant Rich Mankewich
Orange County Sheriff's Office
Criminal Investigations Division
Sex Crimes Unit
Offie: (407) 254-7243
Fax: (407) 254-7244
Email: Richard.Mankewich@OCFL.NET

Because the MI5 Agent was not showing his penis in the video, the Sheriff's Office stated they would not investigate the incident as an act of Public Masturbation. I turned the matter over to their Professional Standards Division, which after investigation issued the following statement;

Dear Mr. Szocik,

On August 22, 2006 you brought to the attention of the Orange County Sheriff's Office an alleged misdemeanor offense which occurred six (6) years prior (September 1, 2000). Sergeant Mankewich responded to you on September 26, 2006, subsequent to a mail correspondence where you provided him video which you maintain corroborates your concerns. Sergeant Mankewich determined the video was of no use in determining that a crime occurred or identifying any perpetrator. Sergeant Mankewich informed you of his conclusion on September 26, 2006.

Further, the offense you allege, as stated previously, is a misdemeanor crime in the State of Florida and the statute of limitations expired one year from the time of occurrence (September 1, 2001). Even if a crime occurred and the perpetrator could be identified, at this point the Orange County Sheriff's Office would not investigate the offense due to the expiration of these time limitations. Your delay in reporting this event was a critical oversight that can not be overstated.

The variety of other issues you address in your correspondence concerning the British government and an alleged conspiracy against you are not issues to be dealt with by the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Therefore, after reviewing the information you have provided and evaluating the response of the Orange County Sheriff's Office personnel, I have concluded that your concerns were addressed properly. This matter is considered closed.

Thank you,

Commander Matthew J. Irwin
Orange County Sheriff's Office
Sex Crimes Unit
2500 West Colonial Drive
Orlando, Florida 32804

Essentially OCSO took a minimalist view of the crime without reference to the external MI5 aspect. I was unable to convince them to further investigate the case, and even today, somewhere out there, the unidentified and unpunished Masturbating MI5 Agent, who must have been well compensated for his nefarious and perverted activities, continues to ply his dubious trade.