Data Protection application to Keith Hill MP, 2002

In May 2002 I made a subject access application under the Data Protection Act 1998 to Keith Hill, my local MP. I was interested to see who he had spoken to during 1997-1999, when we were communicating by letter.


Coupled to my data protection application, I asked Mr Hill;

Additionally I ask the non-data-protection question of whether you spoke to the Police about me, about our communications or my faxes to Parliament, either in April 2000 or at any other time. Please identify any such communications.

His response consisted of a computer printout, with covering letter, which are shown here. His letter says he may have spoken to Police about the faxes Parliament had been receiving, but his memory is unclear "at this remove in time".


The data printout spells out that I asked for Mr Hill's assistance against "BBC news readers who are spying on him through the television." It also contains a reference of Mr Hill's office referring my case to Social Services, to whom I am unknown.


I wrote again to Mr Hill on 13 May and asked him to elucidate; in his response of 17 May he said he was unable to add to his earlier note on this point.