Correspondence with Keith Hill MP, 1997-99

In early 1997 I went to see my local MP, Keith Hill (Labour - London Streatham), at one of his surgeries, to ask his advice and enlist his support in combating the MI5 conspiracy. He appeared helpful during the meeting, promising assistance to find a lawyer and help with my legal efforts. Unfortunately, a month after the meeting he appeared to have changed his mind, as the following letter shows.


I wrote to Mr Hill a year later, on 20 May 1998, stating that I wished to make a complaint to Police regarding the continuing actions against me, and requesting his help in so doing. He responded a week later;


Again I wrote to Mr Hill on 10 November 1998, stating;

I am sure you will remember me from your surgery a year and a half ago, and subsequent letter dated 20/5/98 which is reproduced over the page.

Once again I am asking you if you can help me, particularly in obtaining the passenger list for the BA flight in 1993, where four of my persecutors confronted me. The harassment has restarted over the last two weeks, by "coincidence" as I have restarted faxing your fellow MPs. If these faxes worry my persecutors then they must be having some effect - therefore, I feel encouraged to continue them.

Several of your Parliamentary colleagues have expressed the view that I should be making more of an effort to secure the assistance of my MP rather than presenting the matter to random members of the Commons. I hope you will be more helpful now than on the earlier occasions I contacted you.

His response was in the following terms;


I thought it unusual for a British Member of Parliament to involve the Police on the grounds of excessive communication. Being a legal neophyte I sought the advice of a local solicitor, who opined that no case existed for a charge of harassment;


In any case, who would I be harassing? Only Mr Hill, or hundreds of Westminster MPs simultaneously? I wrote again on 1 February 1999 to Mr Hill, enclosing my solicitor's advice above. Mr Hill did not respond to the letter.

For my subject access request to Mr Hill's office in 2002, please follow this link.