Eye Say, 2006-07

In 2006-07 I placed multiple issues of advertising with Private Eye magazine classifieds, in the Eye Say column. Their aim particularly was to try to draw attention to MI5's attempt to kill me in Nov/2001.

say1151 Issues 1151-1153. The ad contained the bald statement that MI5 had tried to kill me on 17 November 2001. Originally I wanted the text "" to appear, but Private Eye insisted I not offend MI5 by stating that their death squad had been operating in the United States in 2001. say1155 Issue 1155-1163. The same but with revised wording.

say1165 Issue 1165-1169. A request for help in my legal fight. say1174 Issue 1174-1179. A reference to the Masturbating MI5 Agent from 2000.

say1192 Issue 1192-1196. Reference to my lawsuit against MI5 in Orlando Federal Court for assault / attempted homicide. say1197 Issue 1197-1201. Mindcontrol torture which the gay MI5 sadists apparently do simply for fun, regardless of whether I complain about them or not.