Eye Say, 2002

In 2002 I placed an entire year's worth of advertising with Private Eye magazine classifieds, in the Eye Say column. The aim was, as usual, to send the constant reality of MI5 Persecution into the public domain - since MI5 insist that everyone know how clever they are in ruining my life, getting the media to attack me, and trying to physically harm me, then I insist everyone know about their actions also. However, when you describe the illegal actions of the English Stasi to English people, the response is rigid silence.

say1045 Issue 1045. The ad merely commented on BBC newscasters spying on my home, aided by MI5 bugs. This is something that continues regardless of any attempt made to complain, since the system for complaints against the Security Service is intended by the Government to have no effect. say1046 Issue 1046. Everyone knows about MI5's actions, in other cases as well as mine, but the basic corruption surrounding British Intelligence guarantees their immunity from justice.

say1047 Issue 1047. say1048 Issue 1048. Rat on the English Spies. Reward for information leading to conviction.

say1049 Issue 1049. Peter Krüger's article. say1050 Issue 1050. Security Service Tribunal (currently Investigatory Powers Tribunal) is an essential element in the web of corruption and lies around the security services.

say1051 Issue 1051. Security Service provides the means, and BBC provides the TV presenters, who spy on their viewer. They say it's "very funny" that the BBC try to harm their viewer psychologically, and MI5 try to harm their target physically, because of course the only people who know about these happenings are those people who can be relied on to disclaim them. say1052 Issue 1052. Jon Snow the conceited hypocrite.

say1053 Issue 1053. Look at a British agent working. Shouldn't we give them more money to "work"? MI5 pimp England's reputation for their immoral earnings. say1054 Issue 1054. No, of course they're not blackmailing Snow. He says he refused MI5's money, but he's spying while he reads the news, which makes him a mendacious hypocrite.

say1055 Issue 1055. Something wrong with individuals who work for secret police agencies generally, and the English secret police fit the mould by employing psychopaths. The real culprit is the Government for deliberately removing any capability from the oversight machinery. say1056 Issue 1056. Corruption pays. The taxpayer gets fleeced.

say1057 Issue 1057. Lander will never be convicted because the British system is intentionally corrupt. say1058 Issue 1058. If the Police are institutionally racist, then Security Service is 96% white Anglo.

say1059 Issue 1059. Security Service find staring at a bloke exciting. Very queer behaviour. say1060 Issue 1060. It's incredible that these things could go on for over a decade, without any check on MI5's behaviour. We are told by the TV and newspapers what a decent society we have, yet it is the same TV and newspapers which have been molesting me and others. Hypocrisy is such a central part of British life, it could almost be part of the genetic structure.

say1061 Issue 1061. Neither confirm nor deny from MI5. What sort of country is this, that places zero supervision on its secret services, with the results seen for so many years? The Establishment is not a democracy, and elections do not determine how the permanent government behaves. say1062 Issue 1062. Neither confirm nor deny from BBC. When I took BBC to court in 1997 they struck out my action without them even formally denying the charge.

say1063 Issue 1063. Parliament stays silent in face of thousands of faxes. Let's not acknowledge his complaint, let's not investigate what MI5 have been doing. Instead, Westminster politicians complain about the ink expended in printing the faxes. say1064 Issue 1064. English politician Keith Hill tried to incarcerate me for writing to Parliament, and guess what he says now? "Neither confirm nor deny." He can't remember if he did or didn't set the police to imprison me.

say1065 Issue 1065. So Parliament can't control MI5? Can't, or won't? say1066 Issue 1066. What was the first? We didn't kill her, it was an accident, everyone knows that.

say1067 Issue 1067. British Intelligence Serial-Killer-in-Chief, honoured by an Establishment of equals. say1068 Issue 1068. Evil English agents paid by the government to follow and abuse.

say1069 Issue 1069. How do you complain about criminal actions when the criminals are running the show? say1070 Issue 1070. Fact stranger than myth? Can't guarantee your safety? They threatened, tried and failed, which was unusual - so now they keep trying.

say1071 Issue 1071. What is crime anyway? If the British State harms people, is that crime, or shall we redefine the technical rules to legalise what are effectively British Intelligence death squads?