Ottawa Civic Hospital and Alan Holdsworth

In October 1996 while living in Ottawa I developed an intensely painful infection for which I went to see my Canadian GP who prescribed codeine. I went to the Civic Hospital on 25 Oct 1996 and subsequently received pills for the infection. I went to the Civic Hospital emergency department again with continuing pain on 2 Nov 1996 and was seen by an English doctor, Dr Worthington. He examined me and found there was nothing physically wrong, it was just an infection.

On that occasion I had to wait quite a long time to be seen by the doctor, and several patients jumped the queue ahead of me. One of them was a tall white male in his fifties with grey hair who was seen in a room in front of me (with the door open) by Dr Worthington, who asked him his name. The man aggressively announced his name was "Tad". Dr Worthington was obviously puzzled, looked at his notes and said, "But your name is Alan Holdsworth isn't it?" to which the man looked very much abashed. I cannot be sure of the name; the first name was definitely Alan, the second name sounded like Holdsworth but I cannot be certain.

The man's name was obviously not "Tad" which was the name by which I was known at work. He was an MI5 agent whom I have seen several times, most recently in December 2001 in Abbeville Road, Clapham when I went to post my subject access request to MI5; also at Ottawa Airport dressed warmly with a woolly hat at the height of summer pacing up and down aggressively to intimidate me; also at a cinema in Streatham when he came in, sat directly in front of me and looked back at me menacingly; also on a KLM flight in 1995 when he stared at me aggressively, at which time he was in the company of a smaller dark haired man, who was also an MI5 agent.

The man is clearly the ringleader assigned by MI5 to organise my persecution, and he was in his fifties in 1996, so I would expect he would have retired by now (2007). He is a dangerous psychopath who should not be working for the Government; his history of aggression towards me, mostly through other people, should have seen him locked up a long time ago, but he is protected by the security service who employ numerous other sociopaths and no such fate will befall him.

I should have challenged the man in the hospital then and there, but my priority was the pain my infection was causing me and I was keen to be seen by a doctor, so I let it go. I wrote to Dr Worthington on 10 Nov 1996.

Dear Dr Worthington,

I am writing regarding my visit to the Emergency Ward on Saturday 2/Nov/1996. During my visit, I witnessed another patient being seen - I cannot remember if it was by you or by another doctor. The other patient was a white male in his 40s or 50s. He gave his name as "Tad" which surprised the doctor who said "but your name is Alan Holsworth isn't it?". I cannot be sure of the surname - it might have been Holworth, or Houldsworth.

"Tad" is not a recognised synonym for "Alan". It is however an abbreviation for "Tadeusz", which is the name I usually go under (my name is Boleslaw Tadeusz Szocik), and "Tad" is what I am known by at work. Holsworth was in one of the rooms at the time, and I was directly outside, so he could see me clearly.

The reason I am worried about this incident is that I have been subjected to harassment for some time now, for example by people shouting outside the building where I live. I believe on occasion I have been followed, and this time "they" (whoever they are) sent this person into the Emergency Ward after me.

On Thurday 7/11/1996 I went to and spoke with a member of staff in Emergency Ward again. She advised me it would be necessary to bring in the police to conduct a search for Holsworth. My question is whether you were the doctor who saw Holsworth; do you remember his full name; and whether, if the police were brought in, the Civic would be able to make available records which would enable the police to establish his identity.

I am sorry to burden you with this because I know you must be very busy, but it would be very encouraging if we could clear up this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Worthington replied a few days later. His response was disappointly negative and brief; he would not give out the man's identity.

Dr Worthington

I wrote again to Dr Worthington on 9 Sep 1997 having seen a lawyer to pursue the case, but he had nothing further to add.