Jeffrey Gordon Solicitors

I went to see solicitor Mr Baker of the firm Jeffrey Gordon in Battersea in December 1994, and subsequently wrote to him. There were two issues on my mind. One was the treatment I had received at OCTS primarily at the hands of Steve Mitchell in 1992 as a result of which I had to take two months off sick and have been on medication ever since. I wanted some form of justice for the abuse I had suffered at work and its serious consequences. The other was an incident de-planing from a British Airways flight in Toronto Airport in 1993 when a group of four men laughed at me "if he tries to run away we'll find him." I wanted to use the legal process to identify those four men, who were MI5 agents, although I did not know it at the time.

Mr Baker replied as shown in the first three pages of the following document.

His advice to not take any action disappointed me. I wrote to him again in Feb 1995 making explicit the connection between the four men on the BA flight and the harassment I had suffered at work and elsewhere, which had been coordinated by an agency I was at that point unaware of, but later became clear was MI5. I went to Clapham Police Station to complain in Easter 1995, although that complaint was not accepted by the police officer, and contemporaneously visited Jeffrey Gordon again, speaking briefly to Sean Longley, who suggested tacitly to me that an intelligence agency might be responsible for the persecution. That led me to think MI5 were behind it, and began a series of posts to internet newsgroups blaming them which have continued ever since.

I wrote to Mr Baker again on 19 Jan 1996 following a telephone conversation in December 1995. The letter was answered by Sean Longley (see page 4 of above multipage document) who said there was no "reasonable cause to action known to law." At that point communications with these solicitors terminated.