This part of the website covers a legal attempt in Florida courts to bring MI5 to book for the attempted murder of 17/Nov/2001. This attempt ultimately failed, but it is a minor miracle that it took place at all. It was also counterproductive in that it started MI5 mindcontrol off again which at the time of writing (Aug/07) is still happening and is extremely painful.

I tried in late 2005 to bring a case to a Florida court but MI5 attacked me so severely that I was unable to instruct a lawyer for the attempt. In September/October I was in Canada where there was less mindcontrol and I was able to bring a case and instruct a Florida attorney, Mr Jaeger. The full story is I instructed the lawyer, Hague process was served by a British solicitor on MI5, the case wound its way and was eventually struck out on legal grounds, since we could not prove that an assault had taken place. An appeal would have only had a 10% chance of success, and would have been very costly.

It is a great shame that MI5 can get away with attempted murder and legal technicalities allow them to do so.

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