Dismissal of Lawsuit

The Second Amended Complaint was dismissed and the case was closed out on July 23. My lawyer did not find this out in time to file a third amended complaint, and in any case there would have been no purpose in doing so, because we had said all we had to say in the Second Amended Complaint.

The case was closed out as follows.

My lawyer wrote to me;

We have 30 days from the 23rd, according to the Clerk, to appeal the dismissal and closing of the case. I talked with an attorney friend of mine and he said that the charge for an appeal to the 11th circuit would be at least ten thousand dollars, so you may want to give it some thought as to whether or not the expense is worth the extra money

My lawyer further wrote to me that we had given the case our best try.

I regret we couldn't get a more favorable result, but we certainly gave it the old college try, so to speak. Best Regards in the future. FSJ

Thus ended the attempt to bring MI5 to book for the conspiracy to kill on 17/Nov/2001.