Subject Access Request to IPT in 2002

On 7 May 2002 I wrote to Investigatory Powers Tribunal telling them I intended to make a complaint to them. They wrote back on 14 May 2002 enclosing a leaflet on how to complain. However on 16 May 2002 I sent them a Subject Access Request under the Data Protection Act, requesting all data they held about me, which would cover the former records of the Security Service Tribunal. I enclosed my identification details. Their response is listed on pages 1 and 2 of the following multipage TIFF file.

The Tribunal Secretary confirms that no complaint was ever upheld to SST or IPT. On 22 August I received a Request for Assessment letter from the Information Commissioner, which I replied to on 26 August 2002.

The letter on page 3 of the TIFF was sent to me on 3 October 2002. The letter on pages 4 and 5 was sent on 30 October and gives my name and home address, but strangely does not even admit an exchange of letters between MI5 and SST, which MI5's response to my SAR to them did admit to.

The Information Commissioner wrote to me on 4 November that because IPT had not replied within 40 days the Act had been breached, but OIC were not going to take any action in that case. There was an exchange of letters between OIC and my solicitor Simanowitz which resulted in OIC taking no further action in the case. OIC further wrote in a letter dated 2 June 2003 that because IPT were relying on MI5's certificate which exempts part V of the Act, OIC would take no further action on this case, which I found very disappointing.

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