MI5 Persecution: .net Magazine Applauds my Website


The March 1998 issue (number 42) of .net Magazine reviews the “MI5 Persecution” website




describing it as an “excellent site”. The webpages describe in detail the nature of my persecution since 1990 by what are believed to be elements of the UK security service. You may reply;


by fax to 0171-681-1190 by email to bu765@torfree.net


(snip image)


You are encouraged to read the web pages which include

        a FAQ section outlining the nature of the persecutors, their methods of harassment through the media, people at work and among the general public

        an evidence section, which carries audio and video clips of media and workplace harassment, rated according to how directly I think they refer to me

        factual descriptions of the state security agencies involved

        scanned texts of the complaints I have made to media and state security agencies involved

        posts which have been made to netnews over the last three years on this topic