Britain's Shame: Xenophobic Persecution by the Security Services


Because of the irresponsible behaviour of a few M.P.s who have faxed back multiple copies of my articles with obscene annotations attached, I am no longer giving out a fax number for responses.



In June 1990 a horrifying campaign of harassment was initiated in London by what are believed to be elements of the security services. The harassment has continued for over nine years, starting from the broadcast and print media, and encompassing abuse through set-up situations and by people in public places. It has been brought to the attention of the police and they are aware what is happening, but are not taking any action to prevent it.


The harassment has several faces; in the broadcast and print media, people in the world of television know there is a conspiracy to spy, BBC newsreaders peek while reading the news, radio presenters interject abusive remarks in their commentary. "Set-up" situations have been organised, frequently during travel, with people briefed on what they are to say and in what manner. In public, people throw abuse in the knowledge that their cowardice will not be challenged. At a previous workplace, employers perpetrated verbal sexual harassment and repeated verbatim things said at my home and accommodation.


You may think while reading this that it could be a "troll", a humorous invention for the amusement of its author. It isn't; the enumeration of verifiable events (even if those events are difficult to check) should prove that. You may also think that it's close to the symptoms of psychiatric illness and can be explained in those terms. But the reason this type of harassment was started in the first place is because those initiating planned to simulate the symptoms of illness; any complaint of harassment would be seen at first glance as indicative of psychiatric illness and "treated" accordingly. The fact that so many people now have a good idea of the truth makes it difficult for that position to be maintained.


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