MI5 Persecution Update: Friday 31 March, 2000


22,544 Faxes Delivered in Three Years, and Still No Breakthrough

In the last three years I have sent at least 22,544 faxes to recipients in the UK, of which at least 13,974 have gone to Westminster. Last weekend alone I sent 832 completed faxes to politicians, the media and various others, on the subject of MI5’s mistreatment of me these last ten years.


I believe some of the recipients know of MI5’s actions against me in the last decade; yet they maintain strict “omerta” in fear of the security service’s persecution actions being made public.


MI5 Insist that these Faxes must Continue

Between September 1999 and mid-January 2000, the persecutors, whoever they might be, mostly left me alone. I counted only three incidents in almost five months - which is a lower rate than at any time since June 1990, when this business started.


By leaving me alone for several months, the “oppressors” were making an implicit assurance that they would continue to leave me alone in the future. On 11 January I posted to an internet newsgroup accepting what I saw as their assurance of no further harassment, stating that I would cease sending these faxes - which is the only thing I do in my defence - if they continued to leave me alone. And for two weeks I did indeed refrain from distributing these articles.


But MI5 acted in bad faith. From the last week of January until the beginning of March, they resumed their hate campaign against me with a vengeance. They even put people in my road three times in February, one instance of which I recorded. They resumed their normal behaviour of bugging my phone and house, listening to where I would go, and then placing people in that location to “aggravate and annoy” me.


What MI5 did in February is plainly a contravention of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, since it has caused me “alarm and distress” as specified in the Act. But it is a waste of time going to the police with a complaint, since the police have done, and will do, absolutely nothing. I complained to the Metropolitan Police in 1995, and they refused to take my complaint. When I complained again in 1999, the detective sergeant laughed at my complaint, with the words, “It's an absolute load of rubbish. I don't investigate rubbish. I can't be more blunt or to the point than that.” It is useful to remember that the Met also treated Stephen Lawrence’s parents with similar discourtesy; police prejudices are similar in my case, so I can take some comfort from that case and hope that one day I will get a fair hearing.


MI5 acted in bad faith, but they also acted with arrogance. They do not care if I send 800 faxes every weekend, since they know I cannot prove my claims, and the recent Shayler case shows how weak external oversight is of the secret services. But they acted with more than arrogance - the MI5 agents actually want my faxes to continue, they insist that these faxes continue, since my communications give them an excuse to continue their activities, and continue in the paid employ of the secret service. Despite their use of diverse proxies over the last ten years, it is the same MI5 officers behind the campaign all the time - I have seen one of them on three occasions in Canada over a period of years, and it is a safe belief that that same person continues to be paid for his “work” in harassing me in London now. The average cost of an MI5 employee is some £75,000 per annum, so one may infer that their officers are amply compensated; their insistence that “hostilities” are maintained is understandable when placed in this light.


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Reply by email to          bu765@torfree.net


Keith Hill MP (Labour - Streatham), my elected representative, as ever refuses to help.



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