Articles faxed to, and Faxes received from, British organisations

Between April/1998 and April/2000 I sent some thirty articles (over 24,259 faxes in all) on the subject of the MI5 Persecution to British politicians, media, legal and diplomatic entities in the UK. Towards the end of the transmissions I was starting to send faxes to American Congressmen and media also; that is the point at which a "policeman from Parliament" phoned me up and threatened to "come round and arrest you, do you understand, and put you away for a long time" unless the articles ceased.

This area of the website lists most of the articles sent by fax during that period, and the majority of the responses from British politicians and media organisations. There are three subsections in this hierarchical part of the site;

A word on file formats. The sent articles were originally composed in Microsoft WinWord, and either faxed directly from my computer using fax-modem, or converted to PostScript and emailed through the TPC email-to-fax gateway. When a recipient responded, their response was received on the JFAX number I provided for that purpose, which sent it to me by email attachment as a multi-page TIFF file. It is that original unedited TIFF file which is supplied on the received faxes webpages in this part of the site.

Prior to sending these faxes, I had sent many many hundreds of letters during 1995-96, both from Ottawa where I was then living, and from London during my visits there. These letters were sent to the British media (newspapers) and some American media, Westminster politicians, UK radio and TV stations, and even some European media. You will see some of the fax recipients complaining about the cost of Parliamentary ink in printing out my faxes. Presumably the ink is paid for by the Government and does not come out of individual MPs' pockets. The cost of sending all these letters and faxes ran into the thousands of pounds, at a time when British Telecom was not being generous with the cost of phone calls; and the entire cost came straight out of my own pocket. The matter affects my entire life so I judged it right to sacrifice time and resources to this purpose. I also sent numerous text email messages during this period to various email addresses.

The faxes were a central part of my life for two and a half years. Each week I would prepare a new article, and transmit it over the weekend when the cost of phone calls was reduced. At the same time I was involved in an amusing trial of strength with TPC, continually finding new methods of circumventing the obstacles they tried to put in my way. They banned my domains, I found new ones; they set time and frequency limits on individual source addresses, so I merely increased the number of source addresses; they disallowed repeated faxing of the same material, so I slightly altered the source material on each iteration. I had written a Unix networking program to spit out an email every few minutes, so as not to overload TPC's service; the program was gradually improved, and in April/2000 I made some further changes to increase reliability; it was a useful introduction to Unix sockets programming. Also during that last weekend I started transmitting faxes to the US Congress, using a fax mailing-list I had built up from Congressmen's webpages and other online sources.

During the weekend of 7/April/2000 (Friday) to 10/April/2000 (Monday), I sent a total of 1,276 completed faxes, of which 57 went direct from my computer to UK MPs, 291 by TPC to USA 1-202 mainly Congress (using the TPC cell in Washington DC), and 928 by TPC to UK recipients. Unfortunately this harmless fun was halted by a police detective from the station in the Houses of Parliament, who phoned me up on the Monday and shouted at me down the telephone that he would arrest and imprison me "for a long time" if the faxes continued. Suitably browbeaten, I gave my solemn promise that the faxes would cease immediately, and cancelled the fax jobs. He seemed reluctant to give his surname, but eventually admitted what his name was. The detective phoned again twice that week just to make sure I had got the message that the faxes were to stop; if they continued, he said, then he would have to "come round, you see, and your mother wouldn't like that really, would she, it would upset her wouldn't it". The policeman also spoke to my mother on one occasion. Not wishing for the police to harass me in real life as well as on the phone, I repeated my promise of no more faxes.

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of my campaign of communications is the strict silence observed by the recipients, the media and politicians. Parliament has absorbed 14,480 (+ a lot more) faxes without anyone daring to anger the Security Service by mentioning out loud what was going on. It is entirely extraordinary that in a so-called "open society" such a thing could happen, and perhaps the observer will gain better understanding of the real "openness" or otherwise of our British society in the light of the rigid silence maintained in this case. It was only when I started actively communicating with the American Congress, who are not all rigidly pro-British, that the firm stamp of suppression fell on my transmissions. As long as it's within Britain, we can contain it; if he complains to other parties then he must be silenced.

Addendum: I sent numerous faxes to US Congress between Sept/20004 to April/2006 and you can see the list of recipients following this link. In 2006 I sent 7,932 faxes to the British Parliament directly from my computer, and you can see an account of those transmissions by following this link. In Feb/March 2007 I sent 1860 faxes to Parliament which attracted the attention of the Police, and you can see an account of those transmissions by following this link.

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