Szczecin and Berlin, May 2008

Between 17 and 27 May 2008 I visited family in the Polish city of Szczecin, with a side trip to Berlin which is nearby. MI5 stalked me with quite a serious mindcontrol attack, both in Poland and Germany, thus violating the sovereignty of both countries. They seemed less happy to operate in Germany than Poland. They used a Pole in Szczecin to talk some homosexual abuse over the mindcontrol, but he seemed reluctant. Times in this report are UK time, not European time.

17/5/08. Nothing at home or on plane. No MC in aunt's apartment. Massive mindcontrol attack in cousin's apartment where I am staying
as soon as cousin left around 6pm. I have taken two zopiclone and am hoping to go to sleep to avoid the MC. Two people on the MC today,
the OEP and what sounded like a Polish voice, but they just kept up a swearing repetition and mindreading / thought repeating.


18/5/08. I woke up crying at 7am. There was mindcontrol in my apartment from 10am onwards with the OEP, so I went to my aunt's. Got back
here before 6pm and there was immediate mindcontrol by the OEP voice, so I took a zopiclone which did not work. I put on music but the OEP
shouted abuse above the level of the music. Eventually I took another zopiclone and went to sleep.

MI5 made a death threat against me the following day.

19/5/08. Around 9pm the mindcontrol said "we don't like you but we won't have to kill you if you leave us alone", the OEP in my apartment.
Then they commenced a series of goodbyes, followed by "you won't hear our voices ever again". It went progressively quieter. Then it got
loud again until I went to sleep at 2am.

There were two voices who abused me, one of which was a Pole who said "twarde" with sexual connotation, which I had not heard previously.
I have come to the conclusion as a result of my recent experiences and re-reading my weblog that the Heavy Torture is real.

My mood deteriorated.

20/5/08. MI5 mindcontrol swore at me from the moment I woke up at 6am until I left the apartment at 7am, I think just with repetitive
recordings. The first thing I heard at 6am was the Pig saying "we had fun" referring to the previous evening.

I cried in my aunt's apartment in the evening, and when I got back to my apartment at night.

The following day I went by train to Berlin.

21/5/08. In the morning in my apartment I heard the Pig say "we'll see you in Berlin". I left by train a few hours later.

22/5/08. Auxiliary hallucinations but no real mindcontrol. I took anti anxiety pills yesterday.

23/5/08. No mindcontrol in Berlin.

24/5/08. No mindcontrol in Berlin.


25/5/08. Last night in Berlin, there was mindcontrol for several hours with several voices. Just before midnight one of them said
"he hasn't killed himself yet?" followed by a volley of swearing. The mindcontrol in Berlin's Kanthotel is real.

26/5/08. Mindcontrol in Kanthotel from moment of waking at 8am, formulaic repetitive swearing.

After I got back to London on 27/5/08 I heard the OEP say "we're not monsters". At the time of writing 29/05/2008 the OEP voice is no longer to be heard and the voices have changed, although they are just as horrible.