Reasons Why the Heavy Torture is Real

In May/2008 I re-read the weblogs I had written up til then and was surprised to find myself more convinced than ever of the Heavy (direct to brain) MindControl Torture being real. I had been hoping it was not real and therefore amenable to medication, but I was almost shocked to discover the opposite. I knew the Light Torture (audio modulated onto microwaves) was real because I have evidence of that, but I have no evidence of the Heavy Torture being real, apart from my written account of what MI5 said to me. Here are the reasons why I believe it to be actual.

  1. In August-September 2005 I experienced "light" mindcontrol torture with audio modulated onto microwaves which I believe were projected by a highly directional maser device. Although most of this fell on my ears some of it fell on a microphone near to my ears and I am able to prove through recordings that "light" mindcontrol exists. This has been verified by Mr Ginsberg, a forensic audio specialist, and Pat O'Driscoll of Islington MIND, both of whom were able to hear the recordings which are now posted to this website.

  2. The Heavy Torture only started once I had caught MI5 using my minidisc recorder and consumer microphone performing Light Torture (non mind reading) and posted the media files to this website. Therefore it may be seen as MI5's fascistic reaction to getting caught doing the Light Torture. This adds to the credibility of Heavy Torture existing. Also the Light Torture stopped abruptly once the Heavy Torture started, which means the same entity was performing both types.

  3. The American who stayed behind surprised me by appearing just before I left for Vancouver in late August 2006 and commending me as "brave guy". I did not realise there were any Americans still present at that point, perhaps to operate the equipment. This points to the reality of Heavy Torture because it was something totally unexpected.

  4. Physical escape when they cannot find you works. In May 2006 I booked an apartment in Paris secretly using an alias and paying cash. Heavy Torture dropped from massive in London to zero in Paris, which again proves it is a technological creation because that is just not how schizophrenic voices behave.

  5. Physical escape also worked in Vancouver in September 2006 when I moved from hotel to hotel and apartment to apartment. Again the Heavy Torture was absent, going from massive to zero immediately.

  6. Real world harassment has reduced to very few incidents although there are still sporadic outbreaks. This is because MI5's thirst for evil is satisfied by employment of constant Heavy Torture.

  7. The Heavy Torture is only around the house and never outside the house. No other schizophrenic has such symptoms - with mental illness voices are invariably worse outside the house. Therefore MI5 have a mindcontrol machine near the house which they only use while I am at home.

  8. I had a vital meeting with BWB's solicitor Simanowitz in early October 2005. He expressed personal hostility towards me at the meeting, and the Information Tribunal case appeared to be dead. At that point MI5 started using Heavy Torture with mindreading because they could see I had no support from "my" lawyers. The timing is crucial.

  9. On 13 October 2005 I went to Tower Hill and was spoken about by two men who said "they shouldn't have called his father that". That related to MI5 calling my parents paedophiles on the Heavy Torture Mindcontrol, which is untrue. However it shows that something from the Heavy Torture was immediately reflected in real life by MI5, thus Heavy Torture exists. This type of happening repeated several times in the years 2005-2008.

  10. On 12 November 2005 I asked them "do you kill Americans as well?" meaning do you kill your own countrymen or only foreigners. The American misunderstood my question and answered "of course we fucking kill Americans, who do you think we are?" The fact that the American misunderstood the purpose of my question shows the Heavy Torture is real. I was asking if he killed his own people because I thought he shouldn't - he saw nothing wrong with that and answered of course we do; he saw it as natural to kill his own kind.

  11. On 18 November 2005 the mindcontrol made a grammatically correct sentence in Polish which I would not have made. See record. They tried to mix it up afterwards. This is further behaviour typical of human operated technology, not voices from illness.

  12. On 9 January 2006 I asked the mindcontrol what torture they implemented on people in America. They played two recordings, one a guy whistling and shouting "heel" to his dog - the message being "you're our bitch". The second was another American voice, a recording, saying "why don't you come over here and suck my cock". So the Americans use similar methods on the Heavy Torture which they invented and the English are copying but more extremely.

  13. Heavy Torture made style of speech which I would never have used. For example on 16 January 2006 they said "You can write that on your gravestone. MI5 does not kill people". I would never have thought or said that. It is also a death threat with a promise of a denial attached. It's also a grim joke, because it means that MI5 does kill people, and only an MI5 agent would know that.

  14. In November 2005 the Americans on the Heavy Torture told me they would not be prosecuted for trying to kill me in 2001, they would only lose their jobs. They cited Ruby Ridge, the details of which I was not aware, and said no one had been prosecuted. Several days later a FEDEX employee at their outlet near Oxford Circus said to me "we'll all lose our jobs" if he got it wrong.

    That phrase had not been spoken aloud or disclosed anywhere other than on the mindcontrol. Therefore Heavy Torture is real.

  15. There is a particular MI5 Heavy Torture agent known as the Evil Man, who is older than and I think senior to and more intelligent than the Pig. On 3 November 2006 I had just moved into the Wall Centre apartment in Vancouver and he and the Pig attacked me on the mindcontrol. I said "I haven't done anything wrong" and Evil Man said "You haven't done anything right" meaning I had not killed myself, thus solving MI5's problem. On 12 December 2006 Evil Man said "you're trying to ruin us, we are going to kill you". On 22 February 2007 the mindcontrol briefly went silent, then Evil Man said "that is the sound of silence - do you want to hear our voices for the rest of your life?"

    On 6 March 2007 Evil Man said "let bygones be bygones" to avoid the Florida lawsuit; that word is not part of my vocabulary. I believe Evil Man also said "a Faustian pact is where you sell your soul to the devil" on the same day, which is something I was unsure about, but he knew because he was real.

    On 18 June 2007 Evil Man said "whipping boy, put that down you stupid man". Again "whipping boy" is not within my vocabulary, so the Evil Man is a real person.

    On 9 July 2007 Evil Man asked me "do you know what Moby Dick means?" to which I said no. He said "you are our Moby Dick". I have never read that book so the Evil Man must be a real person who is aware of the book's contents. I had not been consciously aware of its plot.

    On 16 April 2008 Evil Man repeated "evil man" at me from which I nicknamed him.

  16. On 13 November 2006 at the Wall Centre apartment MI5 Heavy Torture said they would tell the Tribunal I was mad, and they would lie to the Tribunal "if we had to". I suspect they have constantly covertly lied to the Investigatory Powers Tribunal hence its perfect record of corruption.

  17. The Heavy Torture was completely quiet during Steadman's TSCM sweep and returned with a vengeance after the sweep was over. He had a spectrum analyser which they may have feared. Obviously it is unheard of for schizophrenic voices to go completely quiet because of a TSCM sweep. Alternatively it may have been "perp decoying".

  18. Heavy Torture occurs almost exclusively at my house or temporary accommodation because the mindcontrol equipment must be weighty to lug around.

  19. MI5 Mindcontrol left me promptly at 9pm on the last day of 2006, presumably to be with their families or acquaintances. They also were absent on Christmas Day 2007 only, but they returned on Boxing Day.

  20. On 17 March 2008 the Pig's voice was heard shouting "kurwa" in an English working class accent followed by loud male laughter in the gardens at our house. Therefore he is a real person.

Put together, these reasons convince me of the reality of the Heavy MindControl Torture.