MindControl Torture

The first 15 years of the MI5 Persecution were conducted using conventional techniques of two-way televisions through which newscasters peeked at me while they read the news, particularly Buerk and Lewis; MI5 agents following me around London and around to world to shout abuse on the street; and surveillance, electronic bugging of every accommodation I stayed in for any period of time. However, beginning August 2005, MI5 with the assistance of the Americans employed a hideous mindcontrol technology which directly read my mind and inflicted voices and thoughts on my mind. I obtained some evidence of this, so the sceptical reader can assure himself it is real world and not imaginary.

I should make clear that prior to Autumn 2005 I gave no credence whatsoever to other people's claims of being mind controlled or having microwaves beamed at them to make them hear or think things. I thought the "tin foil hat" brigade were not credible and that such people were hearing internal voices which they misinterpreted to have an external source. However my own experiences have completely changed my mind about this, particularly since using my Sony minidisc recorder and unsophisticated microphone I have been able to obtain objectively verifiable recordings of mind control in action. I have also observed that there are two types of mind control. One is via the ears and can be recorded on a conventional consumer microphone, which I know because I have tried and succeeded. The other is direct to brain and inflicts thoughts on the recipient, and cannot be recorded by a microphone, because I have tried and failed. Both types appear to be via electromagnetic radiation which is tightly focussed on the recipient. The latter inflicted thought category constitutes torture, particularly because of the extreme sexual humiliation which sadistic MI5 perpetrators ("perps") employ.

Initially MI5 employed the former type of mindcontrol, and I caught them using the same recording apparatus (Sony minidisc and microphone) that I use for recording "in public" abuse. Because I had caught them using a microphone, in early October 2005 they switched to torture using inflicted thought sending, and mind reading. The obscenity level sharply deteriorated and they used some really perverted people with sadistic tendencies; the label "Obscene English Pig" is not a misnomer. I have not written down everything that they said because MI5 were sexually abusing my family and it was disgusting. In late 2005 I also wrote to American lawyers, to the media, and to Mr al Fayed who has an interest in the Security Services, and the mindcontrol severely sexually and racially abused al Fayed. They did so gratuitously because he wasn't even interested in my case, and there appears to be some sort of racist war being perpetrated by British Intelligence against al Fayed if their comments to me are to be relied on. Also MI5 kept demanding my trust and then betraying it. I tried to make a number of deals with them for them to leave me alone and they betrayed every single deal; I kept my side of the bargain and made no complaints for a period of time; they told me they would leave me alone in Canada; and every time they lied. There is some psychological purpose to their lies and betrayals, but I am not versed in psychology so I do not know what their game was. Eventually I stopped trying to reach agreement with them because they broke at least ten deals in succession. MI5 mindcontrol also described my former solicitor Simanowitz as "Heidi Fleiss", a Jewish Prostitute, which they had previously named him by shouting outside my home.

The mindcontrol was operated by English and Americans. There were no British apart from the English, there were no Welsh or Scots or Irish. The Americans apparently included two of the people who had shouted outside my apartment in Orlando on 17/November/2001, and you can hear one of them on the mindcontrol recording. The Americans shouted similar words on the mindcontrol to what they had shouted four years previously in Florida. The reason they gave for their presence was that they were afraid of going to prison for what they had done in Orlando, because attempted homicide is a serious felony, but they lacked motivation and became progressively more polite (one of them started shouting "feel sorry for the guy") until, according to my memory, they left completely and the English had to resort to playing recordings of the Americans to pretend that they had not abandoned the torture project. However at least one of the Americans stayed behind because he was still there just before I left for Vancouver in late August 2006, when he surprised me by appearing and commending me as "brave guy".

The English have a much worse problem because their purpose in torturing me to death using Mind Control was to stop me testify against them, because in their own words the "British Government Will Fall" if this becomes public. Obviously governments murder people and tell the most massive lies to cover up, as with the Iraq fiasco when Blair put his credibility on the line with Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, and was shameless when he was found to have been lying. However for the British Government with the complicity of American law enforcement to be trying to kill a British dissident in Florida in 2001, and then those same English and Americans using mindcontrol horror to force my suicide to prevent any complaint, is the most extreme form of human rights violation, and if exposed, the British Government could not continue in power. MI5 realise that and surprised me in November 2005 by getting me to say out loud "The Government will not fall. I will go to Canada." although in the long term they have had no respite from my going to Canada because my UK lawyers are continuing the case and I have acquired a Florida lawyer who is suing MI5 in Florida State Court for attempted homicide. There remains a strong probability that Blair will not be prime minister, not because of Gordon Brown's ambition, but because MI5 will be caught torturing and murdering people, and Blair, who knows about these happenings and has expressed his personal view on the radio, will have his head on the chopping block. Also if Labour do get kicked out for the attempted murder of a British citizen the consequences would be a terrible mess in both British domestic and international politics, with the Americans and the Canadians in whose country British Intelligence have continued for many months to persecute me (1994-98 Ottawa) and torture me (2005-2006 in Vancouver).

The worst part of the torture was having my mind read, and having graphic sexual abuse inflicted on me by the English. The Americans did not stoop to the level of the English when it came to sexual abuse. The English MI5 agents were perverted homosexuals whose sadism knew no bounds, because there was no way of recording or stopping their behaviour. Besides sexual abuse they constantly tortured me by telling me I would die in ten minutes of a heart attack, which they repeatedly promised so that I was anxious and my heart beat quickly, but they never delivered. I had to go to hospital twice in late 2005 because of the torture, once in Vancouver when I spent one night at Richmond Hospital before signing myself out, and once at St George's Hospital in Tooting, London because of MI5's constant threats to kill me, which made me extremely anxious so I had to be taken in an ambulance, confused and terrified, with my mother.

MI5 continued to torture me while I was in Canada in late November 2005, when they also tortured me on an American Airlines plane from London to Los Angeles. On the flight they kept telling me I would die in ten minutes and consequently I had a bad panic attack and sought medical help. I believed on the flight I would die and spent most of the time praying so I would go to Heaven, while MI5 mindcontrol sadistically abused me. They also tortured me in France where I went in March 2006. However physical escape from the mindcontrol worked in May 2006 when they could not find me in Paris and I had a week of blissful peace and quiet; it went from massive mindcontrol in London, to absolutely zero in Paris. Obviously that's not how schizophrenic voices work; no one ever heard of "voices" you can immediately escape from by going to another country. Once I returned to London the mindcontrol stayed quiet, because MI5 had just lost serious crime responsibility to SOCA, and if they had continued then they would have been unable to argue a Serious Crime exemption in response to a data protection lawsuit. Again, no one ever heard of a schizophrenic whose voices were silenced by imminent legal action. Unfortunately MI5 were so obsessive they started the mindcontrol sadism again in late May 2006.

The second cessation was shortly after I arrived in Vancouver in September 2006, because MI5 did not want to torture me again there for fear of politically upsetting liberal Canadians. I think also they may have lost me because I kept moving from hotel to hotel, and from rental apartment to apartment, in order to try to throw them off. However at the time of writing (November 2006) they have started the mindcontrol again at my current rental apartment. Other mindcontrol victims have observed it is very difficult to throw off the torturers, who may be characterised as obsessive gay rapists.

The other remarkable fact is that the real world harassment has dwindled to very few incidents since the mindcontrol started. This is in sharp contrast to September 2005 when they were employing massive conventional resources in Clapham Common and Clapham Junction with several occurrences every day. However in spring 2006 when I saw a person who I think was the MI5 agent known as Alan Holsworth at Clapham South tube station. If I may make an observation the word "arse" was tailor made to fit that man. He grinned happily and said "that's disgusting" in reference to the mindcontrol sexual abuse. I was tempted to hit him. There have been a few other incidents in London since MI5 lost serious crime to SOCA, so they can't claim they are abusing me for prevention of Serious Crime; it would have to be National Security. This is a moot point because they will probably lie to any court or tribunal anyway. They seem to regard the law and police as irrelevant to their activities and simply ignore them. They are covered by the Investigatory Powers Tribunal whose blatant corruption would be comic if it were not so serious, resulting as it does in constant torture and attempted murder.

Another consideration is that the mindcontrol currently occurs only at home, at my house in Clapham or in whatever apartment or hotel I am living in. It does not happen when I go out on the street or am in a cafe. Obviously MI5 have the facility to inflict mindcontrol everywhere, because a recording exists of a Chinese man whispering on Englewood Road with no other people nearby; but they seem reluctant to use the facility to follow me around with their apparatus. Again that is completely counter to the experience of schizophrenic voices, which in other people are quiet at home and loud outside the house, where there is more stimulus; which leads to the obvious conclusion of the mindcontrol being real, and therefore impossible to get rid of except through exposure of the MI5 "perps".

There is also some tangible evidence to back up these claims. In September/2005 I was able to record an American shouting obscenities outside my bedroom window in Clapham, and this evidence was corroborated by forensic audio expert Mr Ginsberg. Needless to say, it is very unusual for an American to be shouting Polish obscenities outside a house in Clapham.

Further, there is a recording of a Chinese male whispering in the open air in Englewoood Road, which would surely have been "thrown" using electronic ventriloquism. What worried me is that this was captured in the open air, which means they have the capability to operate outside the house. Naturally, it contains a sexual obscenity.