Clapham South (27/09/2005)

Certainty level: 100%

Clapham South

Here are two happenings from 27/September/2005.

This web page was written on the night of 27/September, from material captured that day.

I am trying to bring a complaint against MI5, on the grounds of their trying to kill me on 17/November/2001. They have responded for two weeks with a massive volume of verbal abuse. Much of their activity is presumably practiced from other cases because they are adept at making their actions difficult to pin down, as will be evident from the following items. There is also a worrying feature that they are using some sophisticated technology in their activities.

They are facing what is for them an emergency situation because there is a strong probability of some sort of complaint being brought against them soon. Briefly, they have employed the following methods recently;

(1) They have some sort of sound system which repeats a number of phrases over and over again. These are carefully modulated to the current noise level so as to be minimally detectable, but they are detectable, for which I have numerous recordings. MI5 have video surveillance inside my house, so they make the phrases relevant (in their view) to the current activity. For example, I have OCD, and as soon as I repeat an activity a few times, they start with "crazy guy". Their sound system works both in the house - I think they have planted speakers in the neighbours' houses - and also outside in the street, as evidenced by the first recording. I don't know how that works; they have some method of throwing sound, even in the open air, some sort of electronic ventriloquism. They are trying to convince me I hear imaginary voices, but obviously I do not, because a nearby microphone records exactly the same as is registered by my ears.

(2) Usenet readers will have read of the neighbours' annoying kid Mikey Cleveland-Peck who has been shouting abuse through the wall since 1998. Recently things have got much worse; MI5 have made much more trouble; both from the neighbours personally, and from the sound system which appears to be in place on both sides of the house.

(3) MI5 employ their usual methods of following me around and verbal abuse. Some of their comments are blunt repetition of phrases and some are tangential. They employ a lot of resources recently for the public harassment aspect; apparently they have no lack of operatives for these activities. The government agreed to a 50% increase in their staff; and this is what they set their staff to do.

First Segment, Chinese male
"masturbates, wanker"

They employ several recorded voices which they repeat over and over again. There is an American who keeps saying "something wrong with him" and "crazy guy", and there is a Chinese voice, which whispers loudly as you can hear on this clip, which says "masturbates, wanker" over and over again. There are no English voices - British intelligence prefer to employ other countries to do their dirty work and take the blame, just as happened with the attempted killing of 17/Nov/2001.

The aspect of this recording which worries me particularly is that it was captured in the open air, as I was walking down the street towards my house. They have similarly created speech at other locations, both outside, at Balham Library very recently, and at a cinema. The voices they create are exactly the same; both at my house and at other locations; as is borne out by the recordings.

Second Segment, small child
"I won ... I won ... I want it"

Returning home this afternoon, a little girl said "I won, I won, I want it"; and soon disappeared into one of the houses on our street. MI5 have previously employed children to speak their phrases, including various obscenities and racist remarks, of which this is such an occurrence. The little girl was told to say those words. What MI5 meant by "I want it" was that they were insisting I "wanted" the abuse they created. Two points; firstly, those words would not have ordinarily registered as being from them, and only because of their intense activities recently. Secondly, when MI5 employ small children, they are covered by the protection afforded to these; you cannot photograph the offending person; on this occasion a man was following, and he would have been instructed to challenge or assault me, had I tried to take any picture. There was a similar happening the previous day, when three mothers with prams near the new Tesco's on our road ran after me and tried to push their prams at me, shrieking "he thinks we're chasing him"; MI5 create incidents which they make it difficult to record, and they are completely unscrupulous in the methods they use.