Ravenscourt Park 20/3/99

Certainty level: 70%

On Saturday I went to Hammersmith, specifically Ravenscourt Park. There had recently been a resurgence of persecution activity, following the Capital spams. I went to the cafe in the park and had a cup of coffee outside, with my mother. As I went inside the cafe to return the cups, a woman shouted a sexual obscenity (not present on this audio file - don't ask), and she said loudly "something's wrong with him". You can just about hear it in the audio file; listen very carefully, several times; it is distinguishable.

Much less subtle is the male voice shouting "take care he's a nutter" immediately after the woman's voice. As on the other recordings there's a lot of noise, but what the people say can be clearly heard.

Given that I take medication and look and behave quite sanely, and that there had been increased abuse over the last couple of weeks, it seems pretty unlikely that this incident was just spontaneous.... of course, you couldn't prove otherwise, but then that's the way MI5 mean their abuse to look.