POSK Cafe - 2/Feb/1998

Here are two independent segments, both of which occurred in London on the same day, the first at a Polish cafe, the second on the Tube.

Segment 07:14

Certainty level: 100%

POSK is the Polish Social-Cultural Centre in Hammersmith, London. It has quite a nice cafe which does pierogi, golabki etc. I went there with my mother early in 1998. Seated at the window table were three Polish men talking amongst themselves. One of them let rip with a sexual obscenity which was clearly directed at me (it's the same one that's been heard again and again since about November 1995), and which was recorded on my minidisc walkman. I have not included it in the above excerpt, which shows the reaction of another of the trio to the first man's swearing - namely, "jestes swinia jednak" which in English is "nevertheless you're a swine".

Segment 57:27

Certainty level: 20%

Somewhere on the London Underground. "Psycho" (I think - a little unclear).