Mikey Peck - Bald Wanker (14/Nov/2005)

Certainty level: 100%

Mikey Peck - Bald Wanker

"he's a homosexual"

This page refers to the neighbours' annoying "kid" Mikey Cleveland-Peck who has been shouting abuse through the wall intermittently since 1998. Some months ago (10/10/2005) I asked his parents for his behaviour to stop, and there seems to have been a reduction, but not a cessation. Its relevance to this site is that the words he shouts are supplied to him by MI5 because they are identical to those from other situations. Sometimes he talks obscenities without shouting, presumably to make it difficult to record on a standard microphone. Mikey also seems to vocalise loudly at his parents occasionally.

Mikey's behaviour gets worse at particular times relevant to MI5's activities, for example in December/2001 when I wrote a data protection request to MI5, he kept shouting obscenities through the wall. It is difficult to catch him doing it, but such a clip appears on this webpage, from 14/Nov/2005, at which time MI5 were apparently using "mindcontrol" technology to read my mind and try to write thoughts into my mind. The behaviour recorded in this clip is relevant to MI5's mind control abuse.