In the video section of this part of the website, we have MPEG-4 clips of Jon Snow of ITN in action, also interviews with Ken Clarke and John Major of the ousted Tory regime. These are embedded in the page using QuickTime. While each audio/video clip is coded to automatically download the QuickTime player, you may find it helpful to download QuickTime from Apple's website before you start viewing the media files, if you do not have it installed already. There is also video of an MI5 agent masturbating publicly in Winter Park, Florida in September 2000, which is very helpful in explaining the obsessive motivation of homosexual British Intelligence operatives in pursuing me all over the globe.

Note that each item is awarded a rating of the confidence I feel that it is directed at me, expressed as a percentage. Items with 50% or more are probably about me; 100% indicates a "dead cert".

In audio we have MP3 files of harassment at work in Canada in late 1996, also GLR's David Hepworth not even trying to pretend that he isn't getting at me, and a snippet of Capital. There is also a recording of MI5 trying to kill me in Orlando, Florida in 2001. The newspapers section contains an article by Bernard Levin on his encounter with a madman who "bursts into tears, and swears it is all true - and it is".

I have added several recordings of abuse "in public". By Sept/1998 I had seven minidiscs of such recordings, unfortunately containing mostly very nasty sexual slanders which I will not be publishing on this website. The recordings were made on a Sony Minidisc Walkman MZ-R30, which I purchased in Canada in July/1997, with ECM-T140 microphone. After both the MZ-R30 and the microphone reached the end of their lives, in June/2001 I purchased as replacement an MZ-R900 walkman with ECM-T145 mono microphone. As of 2006 I have kept up to date with the latest Sony minidisc technology and microphones.

Share and Enjoy! I hope you enjoy partaking in my "delusions" which have been recorded with high fidelity digital equipment and presented for your listening pleasure. (Unless you are a richly compensated and medically- or legally-"correct" doctor or lawyer, you will have understood that the last sentence contained irony.)

In 2006 I added a further area to Evidence to describe the MindControl Torture which MI5 had inflicted on me, beginning August 2005, using American technology and the same US law enforcement personnel who had tried to kill me in November 2001. I have been keeping a detailed record of what they told me, and their methods and activities.