Eurostar Waterloo - 18/Apr/2003

Certainty level: 100%

Eurostar Waterloo

I went to Paris by Eurostar for Easter 2003. During the outbound journey MI5 created an instance of abuse at Waterloo Eurostar station, when a group of men laughed and shouted;

"I'll bet it's of doubtful parentage"

The background is as follows. A schoolfriend from Whitgift, Julian Lewis, who now lives in Bristol and works for ST, confided in me that he had been adopted as a child. In 2003 MI5 discovered this fact and employed it in their abuse, as the audio clip shows. They turned the fact of his having been adopted into the taunt of "doubtful parentage", which is interesting because it is a term of abuse against him rather than me. It also shows that MI5 are somewhat indiscriminate in their targeting; their campaign against me has the support of English people because it is against a "foreigner", but my friend is English, so one wonders what MI5 were trying to achieve with their suggestion that Lewis is a "bastard".

If there is any logic other than the purely abusive nature of security service agents, it may be to drive my friends away from me. During the period 2001-2003 MI5 were very active in turning all my friends against me, against which there is no defence or justice, since no person ever admits it to be happening.