Clapham South (25/Oct/2003)

Certainty level: 100%

On Saturday 25/Oct/2003, returning home from Oddbins, a young black girl was walking the other way along the pavement, at around 7pm. As she passed, she spoke into her cellphone;

"listen I thought I was committing suicide"

This is how MI5 stage their incidents of abuse. Typically someone is walking towards me, and as they pass they say something obscene or offensive. In this particular case it was yet another instruction to kill myself.

As the girl passed she made a strange sound, which you can hear on the clip, and I coughed. She then laughed, because there was nothing I could do about what had just happened. If I had objected, they would have had other people there with instructions to beat me up, and on a number of other occasions MI5 have deliberately tried to provoke things so that they would assault me.