Eclipse pub in Balham (20/Dec/2002)

Certainty level: 70%

Eclipse pub

On Friday 20/December/2002 I went to Balham to do some shopping and eating. When I went into the Eclipse pub for a meal there were two girls already at the bar being server, I ordered and sat down near the window. They sat down at the opposite window seat, out of sight. After a few minutes they started screaming repetitively "section, section". They were reading something and were trying to pretend that they were just repeating from what they were reading, but in reality it was quite obvious they were talking about me, specifically to confinement under mental health.

As you can guess the behaviour of these unwise young things shows them to be from the underprivileged category which due to the natural laws of society is seldom seen in the better classes of restaurant - the McDonald's next door is their more usual habitat. My guess is that these two females were deliberately placed in the Eclipse with orders to be offensive to me personally. The alternative would be that no-one had ordered them and they were just being rude on their own account, but that is improbable, for two reasons; first, I was out of sight of them and one does not usually "pick on" a person one cannot see; secondly, there had that afternoon in Balham been other, less distinct incidents immediately preceding this, and it is inferable that MI5 were making quite a serious effort to create a physical incident, as they have done on numerous occasions previously. I give my interpretation a two in three chance of validity.