MI5 Deathsquad in Florida (17/Nov/2001)

Certainty level: 100%

Lake Eola Park

MI5 conspired to kill me in Florida on 17/November/2001, the actual attempt being carried out by a group of men who shouted outside the apartment building where I was living. Unusually their attempt was captured on an audio recording, which is listed on this page as "Entire Track" of approximately 18 minutes, and five clips from that track as shown on this webpage. Equally unusually they first made a threat of what they would do, in the form of an anonymous message on a newsgroup, which is still on the Google archive and is also reproduced on this webpage.

The "entire track" takes several minutes to download to the webpage, and from it are obtained clips 1-5, the start / end times of each clip are shown.

While I was in Florida in Autumn/2001 I was harassed by MI5, more so than usual. They threatened me; on Sunday 9/Sept/2001 Pete and Geoff on their Virgin Radio show started joking about "rohypnol" which is a date rape drug, and a few days previously in Lee's Tavern at the Post Parkside building had a man saying "I was raped, I was raped" .I tried to defend myself and put them off; the result was that they made a tangible threat as stated on 11/November/2001, viz.

> They say that when a man with a 45 meets a man with a rifle,
> the man with the pistol is a dead man.
> Let's see if that's true.

It turned out their threat was for real. On the night of 17/November around 11pm they placed seven or eight people in the park in front of my apartment building, shouting abuse, as shown by the transcript which follows. Their purpose was for me to go outside and confront them, at which point they would shoot me with a rifle. Thus MI5's troublesome victim would be extinguished. Unfortunately for them I did not go out to confront them; instead I stayed inside and recorded the incident on minidisc. Their shouting was so loud that there was nowhere in the apartment to escape from the noise.

Entire Track

I brought the recorded track to an expert in forensic audio, who could hear most of the words on this recording, highlighted and underlined in the following images.

Ginsberg letter

The annotated transcript follows.

Ginsberg transcript

To briefly explain the recording and transcript; there are words of abuse against mental illness, there is verbal sexual abuse of the type they usually shout, and there is one shout about "I don't wanna shoot people... take pictures", which correlates to the written threat MI5 made on 11/November/2001. The phrase is ambiguous, but you don't take photos at 11pm, so it's clearly intended to signal their purpose outside my apartment building that evening.

Clip #1
"kurwa" ... "he's watching" ... "kurwa" ... "I don't wanna shoot people... take pictures"

Clip from 00.37 to 01.17.

Clip #2
"you're crazy"

Clip from 05.46 to 05.53.

Clip #3
"crazy" ... "prostitute"

Clip from 07.11 to 07.29.

Clip #4

Clip from 09.58 to 10.01.

Clip #5
"yes! wasn't funny" ... "I am not a whore" ... "schizophrenic"

Clip from 15.04 to 15.30.

Why hasn't this been revealed yet?

The reader may be wondering why this and other of security service's behaviour has not yet been examined by the English legal system. The short answer is that the relevant tribunal is the Investigatory Powers Tribunal, which in 15 years of its (and its predecessors') existence has always found against plaintiffs. I complained to the former Security Service Tribunal in 1997 and of course they found against me.

The other reason is the deeply corrupting influence which MI5 inflicts on not just the media but the legal system as well. I brought a case to the Information Tribunal in 2003, which was conducted by lawyers Simanowitz of BWB and Tim Pitt-Payne of 11 King's Bench Walk. There were two hearings, at which I followed lawyers' advice that the grounds of complaint must not be brought into the open, and only technical points of law were to be discussed. Simanowitz told me the priority was to "save you money"; his advice on the November hearing was;

"One thing is crucial, that there should only be one matter discussed at that hearing, which is whether your appeal can be suspended or should be dropped and revived after you have instituted court proceedings. If you start discussing any other issues, given that you have not prepared to discuss them, you will almost certainly lose and the risk is then that they cannot be raised again subsequently."

However the tribunal did want to hear the complaint grounds at that hearing. Pitt-Payne deliberately tried to prevent the hearing even happening but for some reason was unable to stop the hearing. He and MI5's counsel Tam mutually arranged for the complaint to be dispatched with no order as to costs "by mutual agreement between the parties".

At the November hearing MI5's counsel Robin Tam tacitly admitted MI5 were making some action against me and implied a serious crime exemption; which was propaganda, out of sync with their activities towards me since 1990, particularly the media campaign and "newscaster watching".

Essentially my understanding of the legal system was insufficient to realise that I should have told the Tribunal the complaint material. The real culprit is corrupt barrister Tim Pitt-Payne because he made every effort to close down my appeal to the Information Tribunal; in August/2003 he abandoned the case at minimal notice; he arranged the November/2003 hearing with his close friend Robin Tam, so that only technical points were discussed; indeed it was obvious at that hearing that MI5 were controlling both barristers so the Tribunal could not hear the complaint.