Clapham South (Sept/2005)

Certainty level: 100%

Clapham South

The eight clips on this page were recorded between 2005-09-22 and 2005-09-26 in the upstairs bedroom of my house in Clapham. As with the related page sept27 these recordings are from a period when MI5 were trying to avoid a complaint of their activities, particularly of November/2001.

In late September the voices were still 'conventional' in the sense that they could be recorded through a microphone onto a minidisc recorder. Soon after the voices apparently began to be inflicted 'voice to skull' which a microphone could not sense, at which point the obscenity level deteriorated. The verbal abuse in the following clips is partly about mental illness, and partly verbal sexual abuse.

The recordings are unclear and you may need to download them and put them on repeat in your media player to identify the words. These are merely a few recordings because such words were being thrown constantly in late September.

Some of these clips may be spoken vocally / conventionally, eg the female voice. The American voice was surely not spoken conventionally but instead 'thrown' using some sort of electronic ventriloquism, because surely there were no Americans in our neighbour's house; so they would have employed some method of modulating the nearby sound environment. That voice sounds similar to the person shouting outside the apartment building on the night of 17/Nov/2001. These recordings were repeated over and over again; and they were calculated to be only slightly louder than ambient noise, so as to make them difficult to record or prove, although I heard those people more clearly than is shown on the recording.

You may ask what the point is of publishing these recordings of MI5's activities. The purpose is because they were preliminary to what may have been an infliction of 'mind control' which began in mid October/2005. Soon after these recordings there occurred what I believed to be a technological method of directly reading / writing to my mind, and the 'conventional' voices disappeared to be replaced by what I believed to be entirely 'voice to skull' methods which are unprovable. The difficulty with classifying the further occurrences as 'mind control' is that they may have been from my schizophrenia, although I have never previously had hallucinatory voices; and that 'mind control' is unrecordable and unprovable, and I completely disbelieved of any such possibility until the happenings which started in mid October. If the method is technological then its procedure may be formed so as to resemble mental illness, for deniability. I would guess that if it were real then MI5 would have been reluctant to use such technology previously, because I would report it, and they should not use such technology merely to stifle a complaint.

I gave the recordings of the American shouting over the mindcontrol to talented forensic audio specialist Mr Ginsberg, who was able to hear the shout of "kurwa", which is a sexual obscenity. He had the following to say regarding that segment.

I have reviewed the fourteen segments, using state-of-the-art digital enhancement software. The segments are very brief, some of as little as 2 second duration.

After repeated review, the ones I hear, are as follows:

2005-09-22 20_47-00.02 "kurwa"

2005-09-22 19_11-02.25.mp3

American says the word "schizophrenia". The clip is unclear, but the voice is that of an American, and obviously there are no Americans in the vicinity of our house. This segment was recognised by Mr Ginsberg. It seems to be the same person as on the recording of 17/Nov/2001.


2005-09-22 19_11-20.07.mp3

Female voice says "masturbates", which may be a real or 'thrown' voice. MI5's abuse in late 2005 was substantially through sexual obscenities, and while 'conventionally inflicted' it remained moderate; eventually they used 'voice to skull' methods which are unprovable, at which point it got worse.

2005-09-22 19_11-20.32.mp3
"masturbates, there is something wrong with him"

Female voice says "masturbates, there is something wrong with him" where the latter is their standard phrase.

2005-09-22 19_11-36.07.mp3

American voice says "crazy". It seems to be the same person as on the recording of 17/Nov/2001.

2005-09-22 20_47-00.02.mp3

American voice says "kurwa". It seems to be the same person as on the recording of 17/Nov/2001, and the word is again something that same person shouted in 2001. This segment was recognised by Mr Ginsberg. Needless to say, it is unusual to hear an American in Clapham South shouting Polish swear words.

2005-09-23 12_59-00.04.mp3

Male voice says "wanker". Again the term is moderate compared to what happened when MI5 began 'voice to skull' methods.

2005-09-26 20_42-03.24.mp3
"wanking himself"

Male voice says "wanking himself". This voice may be real or electronically 'thrown'.

2005-09-26 20_42-07.08.mp3
"he's a wanker"

Male voice says "he's a wanker" while I was brushing my teeth. This voice may be real or electronically 'thrown'.

2005-09-26 20_42-09.29.mp3

Male voice says "wanking", almost inaudibly, again part of the same recording as previous clip, while I was brushing my teeth. The voice may either be real or technologically 'thrown'.