MI5 Crank Call (10/Jan/2008)

Certainty level: 100%

On 10 January 2008 at around 4am in the morning I was in my house in Clapham South, fully awake because I had gone to sleep early the previous day to avoid the mindcontrol. There was a hangup call; someone phoned my number from the UK, with the number marked "withheld" on the caller id, and I phoned up the operator who directed me on to the Nuisance Calls Bureau. They told me they could not trace a call which had already taken place, but if I wished I could place a trace on the line. It was obviously MI5 causing a nuisance at 4am, but I thought they would not call again so I did not ask for a trace to be put on the line. We have two telephones in our house, one near my mother's bed, and one in my room. Ordinarily I would have been asleep in the early hours of the morning, and the call would have reached my mother. However on this day MI5's surveillance of my house would have told them that I was awake and in proximity of the phone. Therefore they made a hangup call at 4am to wind me up.

MI5 phoned again at 4.58am in the morning, and the call was recorded on the automatic call recorded which is linked via USB to my computer, to WAV file. You can hear the call on the above MP3 file. I think the call may have woken up my mother also, but I did not ask her later. The call was obviously intended to wind me up a few days before I left for Canada. MI5 had been increasing the pressure both in real life, where they had been following me around and making comments about me, and over the mindcontrol, which had become more intense.

The caller id indicated "international" but I think the call was from the UK and MI5 were playing around with the phone system. The guy who spoke for two minutes was English and a complete arse, as are most MI5 agents. He claimed his name was Ian Rosenthal and he was calling from the US, but he had an English accent. There is an element of English anti-Semitism because they prefer to encourage other countries' citizens to do the actual abuse, and in this case the caller gave a Jewish name, but clearly had an English accent. I think he may have been one of the MI5 watchers surveilling me in the early hours of the morning. They have a team which I believe does the surveillance 24 hours a day, constantly. He said he was researching ley lines and astrology, and I told him I would report him to the Nuisance Calls Bureau unless he stopped annoying me. This was obviously MI5 because my phone number is ex-directory and does not appear anywhere on my website. It was published by Paul Janik aka Paul Stone aka BigEars about ten years ago; he got it from MI5. Janik is a disgraced ex-councillor from Slough where he had a similar habit of calling council employees late at night and calling people homosexuals until he was struck off for abuse. I believe Paul Janik is unemployed at this time.