Clapham Junction (4/10/2005)

Certainty level: 100%

Clapham Junction

Here are two happenings from 4/October/2005.

First Segment, English male
"we're all nutters now"

On that day I went to Clapham Common and Clapham Junction, with MI5 employing a lot of resources, people following around and abusing me. They had the electronic ventriloquism on Clapham Common again, and they created several incidents of which I kept one recording. At approximately 3pm an old white guy (see picture) talking to another man outside Nando's restaurant on the high street said "we're all nutters now", because I had previously described MI5 agents as mentally ill. When I brought out my camcorder he said something about "filming street signs in San Francisco",and then "let's get out of here" which was an instruction to me to leave London immediately.

Second Segment, Chinese female
"one I move out immediately; second I can never go back"

Later that day, at Battersea Library in the corridor between the Lending and Reference library, a Chinese girl talking into a phone said the above words. This was one of a number of incidents on that day. It was an instruction from MI5 to leave my home in London immediately and never go back, thus preventing any complaint against them.