Blair Press Conference - 13/January/2003

Certainty level: 50%

In January 2003 I was watching a number 10 Press Conference on the American CSPAN TV channel, when I heard Blair say the following;

This discussion began against the background of sanctions eroding, of us being unable to be sure that we really were preventing
Saddam acquiring these weapons and of intelligence to the British Security Services. Now people can have their own view of the
British intelligence services but I happen to believe they do a good job and I don't think they would be advising me this if they
weren't doing it honestly and properly. 

The quote was later obtained from the following webpage;

What the above statement appears to be is an affirmation of Blair's belief that British Intelligence carries out its job as it should. But if you look beyond the veneer, and at the subtext, the meaning is the opposite. The phrase "Now people can have their own view of the British intelligence services" subtly expresses doubt which the speaker claims to imply will be dismissed in what follows; but in the original broadcast Blair has been answering questions from his friend Jon Snow of C4news, who as readers will know is a frequent watcher of events inside my home, while at the same time claiming to be cynical of Security Services; and my guess is that it is Snow's claimed cynicism of MI5 that Blair is referring to.

Blair goes on to say "I happen to believe they do a good job and I don't think they would be advising me this if they weren't doing it honestly and properly." The meaning is in the subtext; "happen to believe they do a good job" immediately followed by the negation "I don't"; and "they weren't doing it honestly and properly". This is about as near as a current Prime Minister can get to making this type of statement. Again the question is whether Blair's disbelief in the intelligence services is in general, or particular to my case; and because he was talking during the press conference to Jon Snow, who looks into my home while he reads the news, there may be some part of the latter. This is perhaps a tenuous connection to make, hence its mere evens probability of relevance.

Blair's speech to Labour Conference - 13/March/2004

Certainty level: 50%

British PM Tony Blair made a speech to Labour Party Conference in Manchester on Saturday 13 March 2004. It was mentioned in an American news website, which quoted part of it. During the speech he said;

and it is terrorism designed to strike at the very heart of our way of life, our democracy our freedom and
the rule of law. We will not defeat it by hoping it will leave us alone or by hiding away. We must be prepared
for them to strike whenever and however they can.

The relevant words in his speech are "hoping it will leave us alone or by hiding away". I had for some time been going round the house saying "why can't they just leave me alone", and as people know, I had for some years been attempting to hide away in north America, without much luck, since MI5 invariably found me and resumed their usual peculiar activities. I don't watch TV for obvious reasons, and I only saw this excerpt because it was quoted on the US news site.

It's an evens bet that the quoted phrase is relevant. I'd guess that Blair would not be so rash as to himself have created the deliberate reference in his speech, and his facial expression discloses nothing but earnestness - so whoever his speechwriter was, may have made the reference without informing him of its true meaning. Even so, it's of uncertain relevance, hence its mere 50% rating.

However if my supposition is accurate, then the consequences for Blair's office are horrendous. The conference speech was on March 13, two days after the Madrid train bombings had killed 200 people. In creating a secretly amusing "troll", Blair's speechwriter would be urinating on the memories of hundreds of dead Spaniards. Security Service's usual "neither confirm nor deny (but covertly giggle)" policy would be incorrect for such a purpose.


The above two items may be tenuous, but what happened after they were published is not. This webpage was created in July/2004 and soon after Blair came on the radio news sounding very annoyed. He made remarks apparently about Eurosceptics, where the subtext was clearly about my case. Blair was clearly trying to decide whether to use the word 'lunacy' and instead settled for 'extreme foolishness'. He didn't disclose anything as to the accuracy of the first two items on this page, but was obviously aware of them. Unfortunately I do not have a recording of his remarks.