Balham Hill Post Office (14/Nov/2002)

Certainty level: 80%

Balham Hill Post Office

By mid-November 2002 the persecution had again dwindled, as happens sometimes, when along came this item. I spent most of my time at home, going occasionally to the shops in Clapham South, or into town to meet people. On this particular Thursday I only left the house once, for less than fifteen minutes to post a letter (special delivery, because my ordinary and recorded delivery letters had been disappearing en route for some time - not that anyone would accuse MI5 of such petty harassment). At the post office counter there was an Asian guy talking into his mobile phone and grinning away. There is a probability that his comments were directed at me, as I will explain further. The second segment of audio closely follows the first segment.

First Segment
"you'll do it today? let's meet about 3 o'clock and have some lunch. I got stuff to do and I'll go to the bank,
get this sh.. fucking moving yeah. Even just a little bit do something. He doesn't understand, you know what it is,
I don't want to tell him again cause then he might, he thinks we're having a go at him, I'm not having a go at him,
I'm explain to him"

Explanation: The guy is talking about some bloke who is unnamed, however it might be interpreted as being in code about me. "I'll go to the bank"... variously interpretable, either literally, or as sounds-like "wank" which has been a consistent theme in MI5's abuse. "get this shit fucking moving"... abuse... could be interpreted as MI5's criticism of my inertness. The state spends hundreds of thousands of pounds a year - they want to see some result, not just neutrality and ordinariness. "he doesn't understand"... MI5 claim I'm stupid... but the numbers and bits of paper prove otherwise, so perhaps what that is really about is their agents' subconscious perception of themselves.

"having a go at him"... sounds like they're having a go at me, doesn't it? You might take the audio at face value and assume it's about some other guy, but it's normal MI5 procedure to pretend to be talking about someone else, and make the content of the message very relevant to me, or their perception of me.

Second Segment
"for some reason it doesn't get into his head, I don't know why... he's lost it completely, hasn't he"

What reason is there for it not getting into his (my) head? Stupidity is implied. Also implied is that it does get into his head; we're intentionally causing him damage. He's lost it completely... for some time I have suffered from OCD... lost it completely is the persecutors' observation of my illness, which they see through the surveillance on my home, which they caused.