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Persecuted by the Security Service
Since June 1990 the British security service MI5 has waged a campaign of harassment against a UK citizen, through the broadcast and print media, verbal abuse at work, and molestation in public and during travel.

BBC+ITN=MI5 Despite widespread knowledge of the campaign in the UK and discussion of its characteristics on Usenet for over fifteen years, it continues today both in Britain and North America. Its cause and basis is xenophobia on the basis of the genetic accident of mental illness, coupled with discrimination against an inferior "foreigner" whom they condemn as "not up to British Standards".
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  • Travel Frequently Asked Questions article outlines the parameters of the persecution. Who is involved, and why? What technical and social means do they employ? What response have I made, and why has their campaign yet to be exposed?

  • The UK Security Services which are believed to be behind it all. Domestic security is the province of MI5 while the secret intelligence service MI6 combats foes (and its former employees) on foreign shores.
  • Usenet archive chronicling the (sometimes very enthusiastic) exchanges which have taken place on UK-local newsgroups since May 1995.

    Jon Snow
  • British Spy Quite a lot of evidence has been recorded. Although none of it is particularly conclusive, by presenting it I hope to explain what I understand from some television and radio programmes. Most of the "clinching" material was aired in 1990-92, and no recordings exist now, which is quite unfortunate.

    In September 2000, British Intelligence organised an agent to perform an amorous expression outside the window, which was promptly recorded on my video camera. The instance was one of a series, and clarifies a particularly troubling sexual aspect of the personalities of the MI5 "stalkers".

    On 17/Nov/2001 MI5 attempted to kill me as evidenced on an audio recording. Obviously they failed, and the legal system has yet to deal with their activity. In August 2005 MI5 started a programme of MindControl Torture which has continued ever since, consisting of mind reading and silent obscene verbal abuse "direct to skull", of which I have acquired some evidence.

  • My complaints to the BBC and MI5 (via the Security Service Tribunal and Interception of Communications Tribunal), and their response to my challenges, are recorded here. Basically they deny everything, they have put their denials (mostly - Buerk and Lewis refused) in writing, and I don't believe them. Part of the website also documents media coverage of my campaign to expose the persecution.

  • Faxed articles to, and responses from British organisations including Parliament and UK media. Over 24,259 faxes in all were sent from 1998 to 2000. Their aim was to boot discussion of the persecution into the public domain, and that aim was not accomplished.

  • I have been keeping notes of the persecution while it has been happening, and various random items can be found in the harassment area of the website.

  • There are several areas of legal documents on this website, namely SAR for the Subject Access Request to MI5, IC for communications with the Information Commissioner in 2001-02, SAR for the SAR to Investigatory Powers Tribunal, IT2002 for communications with Information Tribunal in 2002, and not least Orlando Lawsuit for the legal action against MI5's attempt to kill me in Nov/2001.

  • In 2002 I instructed solicitors Bates Wells Braithwaite to bring the substantive case before the Information Tribunal. They readily seized my money and turned it into a game of pure legal technicalities, because as their solicitor Simanowitz was keen to point out, the main objective was to "Save You Money". MI5 used small children to label Simanowitz as "Heidi Fleiss", a Jewish prostitute. You can read the whole sorry story on these pages. They never did any constructive work for me; they ruined two Information Tribunal hearings; they charged me over £ 30,000 and they tried to kill off my case due to my alleged incapacity, despite the numerous statements of capacity from many doctors.

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